Check out DBS Studios!

328 Yolanda Ave.
Santa Rosa CA, 95404

9AM – 10PM. After hours booking available.
(707) 888 0862

DBS Studios is a small studio built out for a small group of at home producers. We then decided to open it up to the public. It best accommodates at-home producers who have their own equipment/set ups who are looking for a place with a vocal booth and where they can work late or bands who need a place to practice fewer noise concerns.

Our best feature is our flexibility.

The set up is very basic and that’s reflected in the cost. Basic drum set. Basic PA. Some basic amps. Basic website. And all the basics to make them work together.

There are accommodations for recording live instruments and limited accommodations for recording drums.

There is a vocal booth on site.

There are accommodations for bringing your own desktop/laptop set up and working off of your own equipment.

All the basics.

Musicians can manage and operate their own sessions or book an employee on site if they need dynamic assistance (operate recording equipment during a recording session,etc.). Sound engineers can also be commissioned if you need sound engineering work on your tracks.

Sessions are generally booked between 9AM and 10PM. After hours bookings go until 2AM. Off hours can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Session prices vary depending on the type of session (band practice, vocal recording session, etc.), time of day, session length and whether dynamic assistance is needed for the session.

Call or email for more information, pricing or to book a session. Let us know what you’re looking for.
(707) 888 0862

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